That’s right, this is the final batch of releases from our favorite flagship tape label, DIGITALIS LIMITED. Don’t worry though, Digi will continue to release special edition tapes throughout the year and (hopefully) beyond. It will be exciting to see where the label puts this energy now that tapes won’t be such a big part of the catalog, and we’re really really hoping to see some boutique wax in the very near future…

But, in the meantime, check out this killer batch : SHOP

ltd#229: rj valeo w/ justin gibbon & justin miller “the philadelphia recordings” c40 (75 copies)
imagine ’70s-era roedelius remixed by autechre and you’re close
ltd#231: jerry paper “vol. 1″ c32 (75 copies)
woozy pop songs from the artist formerly known as zonotope
ltd#232: nodolby “every night we are haunted by a dream” c31 (75 copies)
time-lapsed drones that drown beneath the blackness
ltd#233: nick forté “starved for ascension” c40 (75 copies)
blown-out scuzz that is utterly, deliciously relentless
ltd#234: asha sheshadri “flowers in glass cases” c32 (75 copies)
ex-mutation in the gryd hauntress that is willing to throw acid on your dreams
ltd#235: guerilla toss “young christian balls” c32 (75 copies)
boston free-spazz skronk masters ready to burn down your town
ltd#236: lightning strike lightning “creepy power” c40 (75 copies)
l’aniamaux tryst supergroup’s second effort reissued from its desert doldrums
ltd#237: brian lavelle “amulets” c41 (75 copies)
dripping prisms that stick like meat to your bones

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