New Arrivals, April 29th 2012 Newsletter (Blog Edition)

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Welcome to the April 29th 2012 new arrivals list from Discriminate Music. As always, there’s a LOT more on the site than what’s listed here. Any title that you find on any given artist, label, or new arrival page is available as the site continues to be updated daily with new arrivals being added and sold out titles being removed on a pretty constant basis. Anything that has gone out of stock as of this mail-out has been removed from the newsletter listings, so if you saw something on the site yesterday and you don’t see it in this email, then it has sold out. Some notable restocks and new releases on the way from Autumn Records, SicSic Tapes, Spectrum Spools, and Phaserprone should be hitting the shelves by this time next week, but those titles have been excluded from this mailout (in other words, it’s best to check the website daily because it’s been very dynamic lately…).

DSCRMNT bonus tape series 2012 continues with Bonus #2 : The 2nd tape is here and has been shipping out with customer orders as of Saturday, April 21st (so, if you’ve placed an order on or after the 21st, there will be a bonus included…). This second cassette contains a track each from Inez Lightfoot and Nite Lite. An ongoing list of bonus tapes can be found HERE, and the official announcement of this particular tape can be found on our blog, HERE.

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Alright, now on to the list of new arrivals and recent restocks:



905 TAPES (US)

M. Geddes Gengras – Systems 1 3xCS $15

whether releasing material under his own name or a bulk of aliases, duos, and trios, m. geddes gengras always manages to produce beyond galactic sounds. over the three cassettes (c40, c44, c62) that make up systems 1, ged gets behind modular synthesizers and tape echos in order to force sparkling tones into supernovas. all of this ear juice is packaged in a triple-tall norelco case. it’s easy on the eyes as well. don’t sleep on this one. for real.


Mirror to Mirror – Yesterday CS $8

mirror to mirror is alex twomey from los angeles. his previous mirror to mirror music has been released on ekhein, jugular forest, arbor, gift tapes and more. while alex usually offers up blissful cloud spaces, here on ‘yesterday’ he moves in a much more melodic way. joyous sequences, bright shapes & radiant harmonics. reminiscent at times of michaal stearns’ ‘m’ocean’. alex still retains the blissful, peaceful and lush feelings but now its shaded with more movement, energy and inertia. the shape of things to come?


Various – “Lurking In The Shadows” Army Of Lovers Tribute C30 $9

Possibly one of the strangest releases to grace Black Horizons, five bedroom black / noise / doom acts take on Swedish pop group Army Of Lovers, each doing a cover. Opening with the fingernails to the chalkboard that is Deadravenchoir, blackened folk racket, followed by Josh Lay doing a creepy surreal interpretation that is peerless in style, black-noise pop? Ending the first side is Gnaw Their Tongues, whose black metal riffs are so distorted that they are nothing more than background texture to the shrieks and growls. Opening up the second side is Persistence In Mourning, who lay down a thick track of sample-ridden doom, and closing with the always beyond dreary Wolfmangler, appropriately Smolken’s final track, “Carry My Urn To Ukraine”, for Wolfmangler, and “Crucified” for Deadravenchoir.

Anakrid / Warmth – Collaborative C13 $8

A quick back and forth collaboration from two Black Horizons favorites. Massive, swaying, dark and dank, and over before you know it. 4-panel j-card on metallic lime green cardstock with black and red offset printing. Silver labels and clear hi-bias chrome tapes. Edition of 200 copies.

Anakrid – A Monstrous Dose of Poison LP $16

After numerous releases on Black Horizons it is due time that a full length LP was birthed from Anakrid. Deep, dark and somber ambient music selected from the artist’s catalogue especially with this label in mind. Two side-long tracks, both bookended in percussion giving the work as a whole a highly composed feeling. Many sounds come and go, barely noticeable but highly organic and dynamic, a testament to the artist’s skill at his craft. Few can manage to make bleak minimalist music so rich and fulfilling. Vivid full color hallucinatory cover art courtesy of Ryan Whittier Hale, with a hi-gloss finish, internal black flood printing, black inner-sleeve, black vinyl, and full-color labels. Edition of 259.


Mirror To Mirror – Here You Leave Today LP $17

Here You Leave Today is Southern California based Alex Twomey’s first full-length LP as Mirror to Mirror, co-released by his own label Jugular Forest and the Cleveland based Cylindrical Habitat Modules after a string of cassette releases for Arbor, Ekhein, Gift Tapes, and Monorail Trespassing. Throughout the course of 7 enchanting compositions for synthesizer Alex conveys a sense of thoughtful reflection. A melodious personal journey exploring ones open connections to the people and surroundings they encounter. Cotton candy for the ride home.


Eagle Altar / Bugskull – Split C23 $7

finally done, this little split guy has been on the books for a while. EAGLE ALTAR offers up a thanksgeever slice of synthed out space. barely methodic, crawling along linear lines we search for hooks in the frozen undergrowth. hypnotic on some level, but always a good time.

bugskull gives us three dishes from the “communication” sessions that had to be cut from the final album to fit it on vinyl. more glowing electronic reverie that fades into the background, turning it into pure, psyched-up magic. good times again.


Lander 5 – Epiphyte Hall C20 $7

Over the past year, Operative founder Scott Goodwin has unveiled a continuous stream of new projects, including his duo VEPA with Pete Swanson, the polyrhythmic house project Polonaise, and his latest solo outing Lander 5. Epiphyte Hall showcases Goodwin’s gift for creating innovative, rhythmic synthesizer music that feels as rooted in classic minimalism as it does house music. Constructed with analog and digital FM synths, digital effects and a sequencer, Epiphyte Hall delivers two analog-heavy cuts that gallop and scramble through an array of pulses and abstract timbres. [20 min / pro-dubbed & imprinted]


Foton – Omega CS $7

Omega is the soundtrack of a journey to the farthest reaches of the universe, circa 1971. Seemingly stationary and forever trapped on this silver needle hurtling towards the edge of time, all we have left is this inner-space in which we wander the halls of our recollections, which are warping and corroding due to constant scrutiny and an increasingly frantic tedium – the madness comes and goes but when leaving, even for a brief respite, a little piece of our defense goes as well, never to return and with no others to take its place…

Oxykitten – Octagonal Wax CS $7

Like being caught in a shadow world where the lights of the cosmos are the dreams of a former child actor, forever caught in a low blaze of the dappled half-light of disco balls and jellied stage lights of her youth – now moist night club denizen sway in ecstatic unison as if all were caught in light undersea current as it wraps and writhes slowly around their forgotten bodies as the fever dreams reset and play again and again behind upward tilted and milky smiling eyes…

Adderall Canyonly & Oxykitten – The Cutting Room CS $7

Spawned from a barroom conversation light on recall but heavy on purpose, The Cutting Room is a collection of incidental music from scenes that never made the cut, more specifically, “underscores” – soft, unobtrusive background music that accompanies the action in a performance. This collection of underscores (not all soft) from the mind of Adderall Canyonly and Oxykitten are imagined for a Michael Caine 1971 absurdist sci-fi romance flick that was never made. Or so they tell us.

Detainee – Vital Organs CS $7

In 1991 Capcom USA, in a bold move to reclaim market share lost to rival video developers and taking advantage of the new 16 bit processors in the Sega Genesis and its rival, the Super NES, commissioned of Andy Fletcher of Depeche Mode to develop a more modern soundtrack for a game in development with a working title “Vital Organs”. The project was eventually scrapped, the music forgotten and the world moved on. This is what that music would have sounded like.

Susurrus – Susurrus CS $7

Susurrus filters through the cracks of the city buildings and blocks broken only by the sharp, static pangs of decay – chaos begets order which begets chaos again – this is the root of all languages and is audible and accessible to all who have the patience to stop and listen…

EYES – A Candle in the Crown of the Dawn CS $7

An astute observer will recognize within the first seconds of the crackling drums that open A Candle in the Crown of the Dawn that this record is supercharged, blown out and stripped down. With the intensity of Black Mountain soaring over a splashing, hypnotic rhythm section, San Francisco’s EYES bypass to the center, to a place beyond knowledge, beyond rock, where human batteries are charged by a Dionysus crystal, where the shimmering organs read your mind, and the sun and shadow voices dwell.

Zac Nelson – Towards Your Own Worlds CS $7

Maybe it’s a bad idea to start a description of a piece of music by admitting you don’t know how to describe it. But we’ll be honest with you: this album synthesizes so much of our taste that it’s like trying to describe the taste of water to a fish. Part crooning electro-pop, part drone, half found-sound and all unique, Towards Your Own Worlds from this deliciously prolific artist is a remarkable achievement in both the abstract and the tangible.


Afterlife – Celestial Habitat LP $15

Afterlife is Ryan McGill (Cliffsides) and Franklin Teagle (Cenote Glow), two Georgia natives currently residing in New York. They’ve put out some amazing tapes over the years but on this, their debut vinyl, they left no crevice of their past oeuvre unexplored while continuing to press onward and upward. Field recordings and percolating electronics merge into a rich tapestry of crystal clear transcendence, hitting you straight in the third eye. This is a portrait of two artists at the top of their game. While there’s certainly no shortage of synth jammers out there, these guys are operating in a world of their own and this album is a stunning testament to that fact.


Digital Natives – Let Three Be Light C40 $7

A game of sorts, the first of many alignments.


Rick Corrigan – Soundtracks For Brakhage C34 $7

Three electronic soundtracks by Rick Corrigan composed for films by the visionary filmmaker Stan Brakhage. During the mid 1980′s Rick Corrigan was part of the Colorado-based experimental ensemble Architect’s Office when he befriended local film legend Stan Brakhage. In the years that followed they would collaborate on numerous film projects and live performances in and around Boulder, Colorado. The three soundtracks presented here were made between 1990-1992 and were composed on a variety of synthesizers and electronic instruments. Over the course of each piece Corrigan uses various techniques to create a wide range of otherworldly sounds. Layers constantly shift in texture and tone forming an aural mosaic. Never redundant and thoroughly genuine, these are the sounds of an amazing electronic synthesis. Transferred from the original cassette masters and featuring artwork created from Brakhage’s original 16mm films.

Steve Kenney – Dawn Widow C20 $7

Late night trance-inducing synthesizer music by Steve Kenney. Kenney a long-running figure within the Michigan noise scene may be best known for his work with the audio / visual unit Demons as well as more recent collaborations with Heath Moerland and Andrew Coltrane. The past several years have found Kenney increasingly going solo both on record and in live form. Fresh off the release of his debut LP, Dawn Widow collects recent sessions recorded in Detroit and Mexico City. Kenney supplies two sides of stark electronics consisting of enigmatic swells that pulsate within an endless series of tunneling synth drones and ever-changing tonalities. Desolate and weak, it’s only a matter of time before you loose your sanity.


Earn / Mirror to Mirror – Split C30 $7

split tape from earn (matthew sullivan) and mirror to mirror (alex twomey) that was previously limited to those that either heard select songs performed live or grabbed the earlier edition of this tape on the last earn/mirror to mirror tour.

Mirror To Mirror – Throw Away The Key C20 $7

bass-heavy melodies more negative than previous mirror to mirror releases. somber and pissy. continuing on the theme of allowing what to let in/out; there’s still a door but trash belongs in the back.

Caged Soprano – Erowid High School C30 $7

the coming of age story continues with teenage digital synthesizer. isolation comforted through researching the internet about drugs, desperately seeking experiences.

Mirror To Mirror – Dull Change C25 $7

two sides of songs grouped into anxiousness and disappointment. eager, jangling synths dragged down to a restless sustain. wanting for something to happen. music for winter.

1958-2009 – Live C33 $7

live guitar and synthesizer performances from matthew sullivan (earn; ekhein label) and alex twomey (mirror to mirror; jugular forest label). a heavyhearted, ambient in-studio performance and an extremely gazed live rendition of the B side from the project’s first tape on ekhein. everything dedicated to michael jackson. 1958-2009.


Ryan Power – I Don’t Want To Die LP $16

After self-releasing four previous full-length albums, it’s finally time for the long-overdue debut vinyl offering from Burlington, VT songwriter and producer Ryan Power. “I Don’t Want To Die” is a collection of constantly shifting, well-constructed and unique pop songs, teeming with existentialism and groove. Content-wise, this is perhaps not your average pop record. Ryan’s candidly personal lyrics meditate on the fear of death, hypochondria, soul discrepancies, depression, and the lustful mind, while still remaining remarkably emotional, accessible, and catchy. His silvery vocals meld fluidly with imaginative electronic production, evoking elements of late-70′s soft pop, disco, prog and art rock, synth pop, and smooth r&b funk. Power’s talent for songwriting works perfectly in conjunction with the depth of his knowledge of music – “I Don’t Want To Die” is complex and technical, yet so charming that you only notice it almost as an afterthought, when you’re trying to wrap your head around the song that’s been bouncing around inside it all day. These songs are strange and personal, but they’re also universal. They sound sexy and lonesome, like a dying light bulb flickering on the greatest love-making session of your life. People with problems, shake your bum-bum.

Eli Keszler / Keith Fullerton Whitman – Split LP $16

NNA is very excited to announce a split LP between world-renowned electronic music composer Keith Fullerton Whitman and multi-instrumentalist composer Eli Keszler. This LP is a conversation in sound between two prominent artists, one working in the electronic realm (Whitman), and the other in the world of live acoustics (Keszler). In fact, Whitman’s piece was inspired and created as a direct response to Keszler’s signature frenzied percussion style. Both sides of the record are full of incredibly detailed nuance-driven music. These artists work with sound on the microscopic level, deliberately placing each individual molecule of sound in it’s intended location. Whitman’s piece “Occlusion” is automated “machine music” warfare, utilizing rhythm as a textural tool, while Keszler uses live percussion, bowed metal, and other acoustics to act as a humanized response to Whitman’s machine-regulated assault, solidifying this record as a fantastic document of Human vs. Machine call and response.

Lettera 22 – Dieter Tapes C34 $7

Lettera 22 is the duo of Matteo Castro and Riccardo Mazza, two men on the forefront of the flourishing Italian noise & experimental scene. “Dieter Tapes” is a sordid collage of desolate audio, repurposed and destroyed in the struggle of man versus machine. Lettera 22 use extreme textures and dynamics to build up high levels of abusive tension, only to send them crashing down in a cacophony of broken beer bottles and urban scrap, leaving behind a skeleton of seething silence and tape hiss. A seedy and voyeuristic recording, akin to witnessing a beating in a dark alley.


ZX-9 – Partition Function C24 $7

Experiments in minimalism. Recorded in real time using a Nakamichi CR-1 and a Nakamichi LX3 onto Chrome Type II cassette. Edition of 25

Travels – Bearded by Birth C20 $7

Unrelenting and overdriven wall of sound from Mike Haley (905 tapes) and Andrew Kirshner with a little help from a few friends. Recorded in real time using an Akai GXC-730D and a Nakamichi LX3 onto Cobalt Type II cassette. Edition of 50


Rene Hell – Catalina & London C20 $8

Pro dubbed tapes, contains minimal piano work-outs with electronic accompaniment, orchestral string pieces & a live set recorded in london.


Rene Hell / Pete Swanson – Waiting for the ladies LP $15

Vinyl reissue of the massively limited split LP from Yellow Swans’ Pete Swanson and darkened Kosmische operator Rene Hell, who each supply a side of new music.


High Wolf – Know Thyself CS $8

Ascendent, crystallized tones from High Wolf. Calm, mantric expansions, burning at the center. France’s finest in contemporary psych, art by Max.

Drainolith – Aint No Sunshine CS $8

Tangled, pummeled poly-rhythmic blues from AIDS WOLF alumn Alexander Moskos, headstock scratching the floor, feet pounding. Deeply felt and deeply numb at the same time, somehow scorching and freezing. Art by Moskos.

Sun Araw – Sun Ark Prayer Tapes, Vol. 2 CS $8

Digging the tunnel. Second volume of solo improvisations without overdubs.


Joshua Bonnetta – American Colour LP+DVD $22

In 2011, a processing facility in Kansas, the last to process Kodachrome, discontinued the K14 developing process. The historical stock became obsolete. In 2010, I photographed 14 rolls of Kodachrome 16mm, which had been stored since 1986. The stock was developed, in the last batch of footage processed. The resulting film is American Colour. The film was photographed over a week while traveling to Kansas from the birthplace of Kodachrome in upstate New York. In the wake of the obsolescence of Kodachrome, the footage is used to explore the stocks historic and unique rendering of colour, hue and light value in relation to the American landscape and it’s architecture.

Nathan Mclaughlin – The Refrigerator Is Emotional LP $20

Nathan McLaughlin lives and works in an intentional community in rural Minnesota, via years spent living in Maryland & Pennsylvania. For some time the focus has been on creating music with the reel to reel tape machine….the primary goal being to create beautiful sound heavily revolving around and directly influenced by the intensity of domestic situations. This goal exists as a way of explaining a complex and fragile life while protecting privacy, anonymity and individual free will. The Refrigerator is Emotional is his first departure from his Echolocation cassette series.

Coppice – The Pleasance & The Purchase 7″ $10

Coppice (Noé Cuéllar & Joseph Kramer) is a Chicago-based duet of bellows and electronics. Since its formation in 2009 they have produced original compositions for stage, fixed media, and performed installation settings, with a focus on adhering textural attenuation, processed gradation, the contours of instrumentation, and their multiple aspect highlights.Their variable instrumentation departs from bellows and reed instruments (accordion, pump organ, shruti box, harmonica), custom electronics (reproduction, transmission, spatialization, interference and gentle feedback), and multi-channel systems adapted in ways responsive to location, audience flow, and aural perspectives.

Joe Colley – Lonely Microphone LP $20

An unreleased 30-minute piece by composer and sound artist Joe Colley. Composed from concrete materials and premiered at Field Effects, San Francisco, in 2002. Rehersal version discovered and slightly re-edited in late 2011.

Allon Kaye – Tiny Fascinator C20 $9

Allon Kaye is the nom de plume of R. de-Chantecler. He is the guardian and administrator of the London-based Entr’acte.

Eliane Radigue – Geelriandre / Arthesis CD $17

Originally released on Fringes Recordings in 2003, the cd sold out immediately. Finally available again on Senufo Editions.

Angst Hase Pfeffer Nase – Seashard LP $19

Originally created as a saleable nicknack for an Angst Hase Pfeffer Nase tour of solo guitar shredding – but since the destination was Miami, Florida, home of booty bass and sick beats, something which facilitated rump-shaking and toe-tapping seemed more applicable. Two side-long pieces which combine all of the best things known to man: feedback loops, hyperstatic drum machines, digital rot, and frightfully decrepit fairground machinery.


Bugskull – Hidden Mountain CS $7

It’s always a little strange when the distant past resurfaces to invade the present. Somewhere in the cupboard behind me are hundreds of cassettes dating from the early 1990s, and buried in those boxes are more than a couple featuring Bügsküll. Back then they were part of a strange musical landscape which I found myself inhabiting after almost accidentally drifting into it via my own cassette-based exploits…


Black Velvet Stereo – Metal Rain Machine C40 $7

Focused compositions that help guide the listener to realization. Bone-chilling at times, but warm enough to melt the sun. Clicks, buzzes, and mic sounds find their way in and out of this trip.


Grasshopper – The Day America Forgot C35 $8

Improvised trumpet and electronics are Jesse DeRosa’s & Josh Millrod’s weapons of choice to maintain freedom in a world more and more domintated by restricted and ignorant politics of hate. Nightmarish music for bleak prospects. Music for the Youth Of Today. If not for reading the news what are your oversized hipster glasses good for? Listen. Unite. Act. It’s about time.!

lunchforyou / Trupp zur Sonne / Jewels – Split C50 $8

We’re proud to present this 3way split tape that travels through a variety of moods & styles.First up is lunchforyou, a rhinestones cowboy from the delta, where the Main & the Rhine streaming into one another. Between the banks and the curbstones this guy delivers a highly intimate stream of consciousnesses blues – in fact a blackened & stripped down electrified version of it. Because it’s not always sunny around …


Koi Pond – So Higher LP $16

Koi Pond is comprised of 3 friends who get together when the time is right to do what is known to many band participants as “jamming”. This term may be a bit harsh on your eyes, but when friends David Aron, Arik Roper and Pete Vogl some together to “jam”, its an epic dense solid session of heavy playing. Koi Pond originally released a cassette on Night People entitled Volcano, which I has the pleasure of happening on to. That limited cassette peaked my interest, sounding like a basement tape from Exmagma or some other lost recording from the mid seventies. After contacting the band to find out this is a one-off project between friends, I coerced the trio into reuniting for a recording, which became So Higher, a recording of 2 side dimensions between locked Krautrock groove with washes of synth exploration. Side two is a very different affair, more improvised heavy jamming comprised of solid bass line, dubby drumming and heavy psych guitar workouts. Those same elements from the cassette “jams” are there, but more focused and sonically represented.


Mist – House CD $12

“House” is the 2nd official full-length offering by Cleveland, Ohio duo MIST featuring Sam Goldberg (of Radio People) and John Elliott (Emeralds, Outer Space, Imaginary Softwoods etc) after 2009′s self-titled debut effort on Amethyst Sunset.
A suite consisting of 7 complex, layered compositions shows new progression in composition and melody from the duo. From the lightning fast, bittersweet crescendo of “Twin Lanes” to the dramatic chord progressions of “I Can Still Hear Your Voice”, “House” is a certain expansion in execution and construction. Tracks like “P.M.” put a new take on the long-form Mist style with cryptic alien vocoder and humid pad sounds, while “Mist House” and “Dead Occasion” reveal new, complex territories that will most certainly please fans of the previous Mist recordings.


Casey Deming & Justin Meyers – North of the Quarry C20 $8

Crystal & Mark drone and meander, a mix of tape loops and modular synth recorded over the course of a couple of meetings with local Minneapolis artist Casey Deming. Casey records and plays live with Visions of Christ (whose output is criminally low) and helps set up the Tuesday Series, a series of Improvised Performances every other Tuesday at Madame of the Arts.

Justin Meyers – Libra C42 $8

My third decade ended ascending into Libra Rising. Recorded September 23rd to October 23rd 2011 live with minimal edits. All modular synth melodies and vignettes from the TF50. The zodiac is not something I would typically align with, but I hear it works whether you believe in it or not.

Scott Goodwin – Referent C24 $8

Ex-Bonus member Scott Goodwin offers this single piece of suggestive tones. Frequencies at play. Edition of 100 with 1 color screen printed inserts/cases and professional printed chrome cassettes.

Justin Meyers – Permanent Pressure C20 $8

A study in pressure; the effects, affects, & practice of. Sounds sources both acoustic & electronic. Issued on cassette tape to specifically dull certain frequencies.

Chambers – Soon C30 $8

Gentle and restrained tape movements from the one behind Ides Recordings. I’ve never been to Chicago, but I’d imagine it would feel a lot like this tape. Minimal lo-fi dirt.

Glass Organ – Two Tapes LP $14

A reissue of the two out of print Glass Organ tapes. Building blown out desolate guitar and saturated tape. Co-Released with Twonicorn. Edition of 365 with hand screen white matte covers. New Glass Organ “Our” CD coming soon on Students of Decay.


Imperial Topaz – Imperial C24 $7

You’re most likely familiar with Caroline Teagle’s visual talent by now, but you should know that she makes great music, too. Her new duo with Jake Pepper (NT, Fergus & Geronimo), Imperial Topaz combines experimental sensibilities with finely-tuned pop, which falls within a warm space between reggae and the heyday of 4AD. Field recordings and improvised passages drop instantly into pop gems, layering Pepper’s catchy, reverb-drenched guitar lines and Teagle’s ethereal vocals with hypnotic keyboard melodies and drum machine rhythms. Nicely timed for spring, each of the four tracks on Imperial is excellent accompaniment for sunshine and ocean breeze dreams. Like a beach party for everyone the luxury liner left behind. Features Jef Brown on saxophone.

Eagle Altar – Cut America C42 $7

The alter ego of Tulsa’s Altar Eagle, Eagle Altar is Eden Hemming and Brad Rose’s outlet to set aside song structure and allow themselves to ride the electric current of improvisation. The first new release from the project in more than two years, Cut America collects five pieces for synthesizer and drum machine. Blissful, blown out melodies cut through thumping, pulsing rhythms that aren’t quite meant for the dance floor, but are no less invigorating. Despite the loose nature of this project, each track is remarkably tight-knit, hitting all the right marks and building toward incredibly satisfying climaxes. Hemming and Rose are ready to take you on bullet train through the heart of our country, which may not always be pretty, but this is a glorious ride from start to finish.

Thoughts on Air – Glow On C53 $7

Hamilton’s Scott Johnson is a wonderful soul whose brilliant sounds will always have a happy home on this label. It’s a pleasure to share almost an hour of new instrumental recordings from his flagship project, Thoughts on Air. Conceived as an homage to friends and fellow sound travelers, Glow On is comprised of eight new works for guitar and synthesizer. Each extols the lo-fi warmth and intimacy you’ve come to know and love from the project, but surprising new avenues are explored this time around as well. From riffs fit to fill an arena to rhythmic organ grooves, Johnson is unafraid guide his bedroom star ship to many fascinating realms of the psychedelic universe.

Pierrot Lunaire – As Himself C30 $7

After starting the year with a bang with his first vinyl release on Hooker Vision, California’s John DeNizio shares the magical fury that is Pierrot Lunaire in a live setting on As Himself. Working with saxophone, voice, tape, and semi-functional electronics, DeNizio conjures his singular and soulful blend of free jazz, noise, and outsider pop on the fly. The spaces where these recordings were made play as much of a role in the final product as DeNizio and his gear, with sounds echoing off of walls and telling inscrutable tales of all that’s happened in each room. A nimble and versatile player, you never know where DeNizio will take you next, but it’s always a thrill to behold.


Long Distance Poison – Ancient Analogues C40 $7

Long Distance Poison is Nathan Cearley, Erica Bradbury, and Casey Block. All tracks composed by LDP and produced by Nathan Cearley. Recorded in a small room in Greenpoint.



That’s it for now. Thanks for all the support and feedback. Hope you’re all doing well!



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